We are the Convo.
The team of experts elevating NGOs’communication efforts through user-friendly communications and public information campaigns.

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 4 Byala Street

Media planning? Chirp. Tweet. Repeat.
Books? The Eagle Has Landed, Birdy, 6 Days Of The Condor…
NGO… that’s for New Good Opportunity, right?
Our skills? Overviews, branches, big picture stuff only.
I got a degree in worms malware, and you?
This here? Your first-class flight to the land of Wow.
Easter egg, my a**!
Beaks to peaks and tails will follow.
Pretty fly for a Balkan guy, huh?
Heard, heard, heard - heard is the word, hu-hu-hu….
Hey, John, above us only skies, for real, bruv!
I met Michael Jordan once, midway to a slam dunk.
Got a brief? Will elevate chirp for food.
The owls are not what they seem is a dad joke, OK?
Friends? I call mine Central Perk wingmen.
Birds flying high… you know IG reels.
Threads, you say, breadcrumb trails not bad, either.
Let’s meet at the top of your game, shall we?
Both ravens and geese were born yellow. Let that sink in.
We will gladly take your communication under our wing.
No bird was ever harmed during communication.
Birds of a feather rock together, so drop us a line.
Which your favourite birdsong? Sladkopoina Tchutchuliga for me, thanks.
Sky is the no no, no no no no, there’s no liiiimiiit.